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First things first-92% of Potential Customers and Employers will Research about you Online. It’s Time to Review and Improve your Individual Reputation.

Reputation Management for Professionals and Individuals

The visibility of negative content on the web stimulates bad reputation for an individual, affecting their career, job prospects, personal relationship, etc. Online Reputation Management is an effective technique to improve the personal image among the online community.

Tired of being tainted in Search Results? Let us Help.

This is how we helped an individual by managing her online reputation.


The client is a Customer Relation Executive who moved from a South East Asian country to the United States of America few years ago. She is working at a reputed motor company, and has played a vital role in the growth and success of the company.


On searching her name on Google, Yahoo, or other search engines, two links were showing on top results, which were not appropriate according to her. The links contained her personal and professional details that she doesn’t want to share. She also requested us not to use her personal details in our process. Therefore, we, at Manage Your Internet Reputation (MYIR), had to take slightly different approach that we normally take while creating online assets.


Our strategy at MYIR generally involves creating content and social/business assets optimized for the keywords (client or business name) which will eventually gain rankings for the keywords, gradually moving towards the top rankings and pushing negative listings out. Thus, we created generic content related to her hobbies, interests, etc. for improving her online reputation. We refrained from using her current location or profession. This ensured consistent message in all of the online assets created for this client.

  • Content based assets
    There are a number of websites on the internet that provide readers with relevant and interesting information. As requested by the client, we created high quality content based on her hobbies, interests, and posted it on these websites.
  • Social media presence
    We created social media profiles, without specific details, to create additional assets and positive search results to improve the reputation of the client.
  • Blog management
    Blog management was another important aspect of this project. We created multiple blogs containing generic information. The blogs were regularly updated with fresh content that were helpful in creating positive back links for the client.


Starting from the first month, the content-based assets we created were indexed and gradually appeared on the top results of the search engines. This resulted in pushing back the unwanted listings.

On the third month of the campaign, we met a goal of majority dominance of the major search engine results for the keyword. Our team worked dedicatedly to remove the negative listings on the search engines.


The internet is one of the most popular information sources. Before hiring any professional or entering into relationship with any person, people prefer reading online reviews. They hesitate hiring those who don’t have positive feedback or good reputation on the internet. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good online reputation. We, at, are able to help the clients in reputation management who do not want their personal details to be shared online.

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