Negative search results keeping you up at night?

Negative search results whether warranted or unwarranted tend to stick around a long time online. And just when you are applying for a new job or thinking of pitching to a new client, they get there before you, stalling all your hard-won efforts! There is no need to despair though -we can help to remove negative search engine results!

How we suppress negative search results from Google?

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    Searching and analyzing negative search results

    We do a thorough search online to see where your name appears to determine and analyze negative search results. These could comprise of website and blog content, financial and legal information, newspaper articles, videos and images, business reviews, etc. to formulate strategies to bury negative search results.

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    Pushing down negative search listings

    Negative search engine results cannot be deleted; however, they can be suppressed or pushed down in the page rankings. It is believed that 89% of people never go beyond first page rankings, so basically our strategy is to create powerful positive content that over time will remove negative links from Google and pushed onto the second page of search results where they are not likely to be found.

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    Positive content to promote you online

    We make you look good by creating profile pages for you on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, creating blogs, which would be updated frequently, and websites that portray you in a positive light. Good reviews, press releases are written and published online to boost your online persona.

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    Optimizing good content

    If there is existing positive information about you online like profile pages, reviews or your website, we make it a point to promote these so they rank better in search results and also help in pushing down negative results.

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    Tracking and monitoring your presence online

    After working to suppress the negative search engine results, we also track and monitor what is being published about you online and keep you informed about developments and positive listings to allay your worries. If required we can keep publishing fresh content and updating your presence online to keep the positive trend going.

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