Your personal details floating around the Internet?

Personal data is big business these days. Is your data being bought and sold online without your knowledge? We make it our business to find out and stop it. Whether your data comprises of phone numbers, addresses, relatives, important dates etc., we scour the Internet to find it and remove it. You need to tell us about the type of data you need removed and we will start opt-outs on your behalf. This will put an end to unscrupulous sites selling your personal data.

How we prevent your personal data from being sold online?

  • Compliance monitoring
    Compliance monitoring

    Whenever people search sites find a variation in your data, they will add you again to their database. We keep a vigilant watch online to see your information does not reappear. In case it has been reposted we will send a removal request.

  • how people perceive you online
    Track how people perceive you online

    We will monitor how you turn up in search results. Are the highlights about you eminently visible? Are you being falsely associated with someone else whose reputation is not so desirable? We can strengthen your search results so people can see you as you really are -in a positive light.

  • Get to know what people are saying
    Get to know what people are saying about you online

    We run in-depth searches with your name on Google and other prominent search engines to search out pages that may be discussing you. This includes surface pages, query based databases and social media channels. Whenever fresh content is posted, you get an alert.

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