Answers to questions you may have about Online Reputation Management

How can I find out about my online reputation?

A good place to start is to google your own name. The results will probably reflect your social media presence like links to Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, blogs if any, your website if you have one and other possibly surprising results. You can even go in for our FREE Online Profile Analysis that will give you a good idea of your visibility online.

How will you deal with negative search results?

Reputation management is all about suppressing negative results while promoting the good results. This helps the good results get ranked higher on the Search listings while the negative results get pushed down. 93% of people never move to page2 of search listings so our goal is to ultimately push your negative results off the first page. To suppress negative content we create top quality, positive content about you and use a number of SEO techniques and reputation management strategies to promote the positive content which rises higher in the listings and thus pushes the negative content to the back pages.

What are the types of positive content you create?

Content depends on individual specifications. Usually we have some form of biographical writing like online profiles, press releases etc. We also write blog posts, articles, interviews and many other types of content. We ask you to review it before we publish it online.

Is it possible for me to do this instead of hiring you?

Unless you are a professional writer with knowledge about SEO techniques and reputation management principles, we would not advise it. Along with the expertise of knowing how to write, you need to know where and how to publish material and in which format. Which sites to submit to, how to research and use keywords effectively and how to monitor and track the entire effort. You also need a working knowledge of Goggle’s algorithms which are tweaked quite a lot. Let’s just say when you hand over your reputation management to us you can sit back and relax. We have spent years in the industry and have delivered great results consistently - backed of course by strong research.

Can you remove or delete my negative search results?

No. Besides illegally hacking into the host site there is no way we can remove negative listings. Going through legal channels to get content removed is possible but not likely, the Web being a largely unregulated space. The wisest strategy is to push down your negative results to make them invisible.

How do I get emails from sites and services I haven’t subscribed to?

It’s easy to get information if you have the knowhow. People-search sites collect your personal data from social media profiles, marketing databases, customer satisfaction surveys, discount club memberships, public records and more. This information is further sold to marketing companies who send you those annoying unsolicited mails.

How will you know what to write about me?

You need to give us the information you need highlighted and the content team will work from that. On your directive we can import data from your online LinkedIn profile as well. You can always review your material before it is posted online.

What do your services cost?

Our reputation management cases are estimated on a case to case basis. Once you have an initial consultation with us and we have understood your requirements, we will provide you a quote. Generally different cases require different sets of solutions and that’s why the cost would vary from project to project.

Why should I sign up with you?

We have been in the reputation management business since 2007 and have a large team of certified experts, designers and developers who are extremely good at what they do. We follow a structured strategy and process with built-in timely analysis and reporting so you are always in the loop. We also have a crack research team whose business it is to track the changing algorithms at Google. And more than anything else, we have the results to prove it!

Tell me about your FREE Online Profile Analysis

We will ask you to fill up a form with information about yourself with which we will start analyzing your online reputation. We will research keywords on major search engines, get a sentiment quotient based on how many positive and neutral listings we find. We will search out individual pages where you are mentioned and get an overall aggregate whether your results are positive or negative. We will then present this information to you within 24-48 hours.

Please note: the value of this in-depth reputation analysis is $195 but you get it FREE!

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