Resolve major online reputation issues

If you are suffering from a full blown online reputation crisis or if your reputation is violently under attack, our Custom Project Services are what you need. These services are called into play depending on the severity of the situation. They are especially used in cases of people who are in public focus and want to avoid the negative publicity.
Our Custom Projects combine our reputation management expertise and technologies with the utter discretion needed to defuse the sensitive situation.

Custom Projects – when you need more than a cookie cutter solution

  • Custom Project for reputation management
    Situations that warrant a Custom Project for reputation management
    • High volume of searches
    • Listing from authoritative sites
    • Corporate privacy monitoring
    • Huge public relations issues
    • Search auto-suggestions are misleading
    • Personal privacy is threatened
    • Huge virality
    • Very individual project requests
  • all-encompassing solutions
    Long term, all-encompassing solutions

    We co-ordinate with your people to get a picture of the challenges facing you. We then formulate a strategy customized to your requirements and execute it in well timed phases for stronger effect. Result: your reputation is immeasurably strengthened and improved in a quick span of time.

  • experienced team
    A strong, experienced team used to getting results

    Custom Projects are handled by a crack team of reputation management specialists who concentrate only on Custom Projects. They are a team of highly experienced experts who will be with your project from beginning to end. All work is done in-house with extreme discretion.

  • proprietary technology
    Use of proprietary technology

    Our developers have built custom tools that give us the ability to shape your online reputation with unparalleled focus. These are tools that you would not find anywhere else.

Online Profile Analysis

Solutions included in Custom Projects

Modifying Search Results

Swap out the order of items, modify search suggestions

Highlighting or downplaying media

Promote or downplay images and videos over any online medium

Protecting privacy

Remove troublesome data from online databases, keep tabs on corporate privacy

Publishing a lot of positive content

Create and distribute large amounts of top quality, customized content to create positive impact

Boosting SEO efforts

Promotion of your existing SEO strategy for increased impact

Getting better reviews

Get better star ratings for review profiles and user customer goodwill to improve your reputation online

Reporting and Evaluation

Assessing threats, creating custom reports and providing consultations when needed

Creation of new web entities

Creating blogs, websites and posting reviews etc. that will create a positive impact

Breakdown of Search Results

Each component of a search results page is drawn from different content and algorithms.
We have the expertise and experience to generate solutions for all of them.

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