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Our reputation management goes from strength to strength. Especially for people in legal profession, we are at the front of both legal and technological developments, handling most sophisticated cases in relation to the internet and social media.


The client is a full-service law firm based in New York, United States. Founded in 1994, the firm is known for providing result-driven legal services related to Family Law, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate/Foreclosure, and Employment Litigation. They work with some of the country’s most respected & well-established businesses, financial institutions, start-up visionaries, & state-owned entities. With a dynamic team of legal professionals, utilizing the most advanced technology & an unwavering commitment to excellence, the law firm has been enjoying a solid reputation for many years.


In 2012, the law firm had negative listings from several powerful & high-ranking authority consumer advocacy sites on the first page of Google and other major search engines. These mean-spirited & outrageous attacks soon ruined the firm’s good standing. The damage was significant, especially in terms of lost customer loyalty. Not only did the negative information on the internet discouraged their prospective clients from contacting them, but also affected their relationship with existing clients. Realizing the consequences of this bad press, the firm contacted a different reputation management company; however, the damaging results still showed up on the first page of Google.


We know there is no way to avoid negative reviews. However, at Manage Your Internet Reputation, we specialize in phasing out those negative reviews with the positive ones so that potential customers get a portrait of who you are on your best day instead of making a perception as per the perspective of a disgruntled customer.

Thus, when the law firm turned to us for improving their online reputation, we created a unified ORM strategy taking into account their particular circumstances. To give them a clean online reputation, we implemented several strategies like – search engine optimization, creation of positive content relevant to their firm and submissions to major public relations sites.

Moreover, we initiated custom-made strategies like -

  • Removing negative content with positive marketing content
  • Keyword research and backlink creation
  • Online presence building and brand creation
  • Social media and video marketing


With our proven online reputation management strategies, they observed tangible results within the first few weeks. In the first month, two consumer advocacy websites posts were suppressed, which was soon followed by a clean first five pages for all the targeted keywords. By the end of the campaign, the client had regained its reputation as one of the most reliable law firms in New York, United States.

At Manage Your Internet Reputation, our internet marketing and reputation management campaigns provide a unique level of customization and return on investment that helps our clients maintain first page rankings for the most competitive keywords.

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