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Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Practice

How Negative Listings Affect Reputation of a Medical Professional

In this technology era, people prefer visiting the internet for finding dentists in the city they are living. Therefore, it is necessary for medical practitioners to have a good online reputation. If you have any negative reviews on the internet, then patients searching for dental services will choose another dentist over you. On the other hand, if you have positive reviews regarding your services, behavior, etc., you will surely grow.

A Single Neglected Negative Review Can Damage Your Practice

We understand that as a medical practitioner, you want that more people know about you and it can only be possible if you have a good reputation over the internet. There are many sources of negative listings. Probably you have bad experience with some patients who posted negative reviews on the web. It is not a big deal. It can happen when you treat hundreds of patients every month. Perhaps some of your competitors who want to take your position have posted reviews that can affect your reputation.


The client is a medical professional with extensive experience in providing dental services. Based in Texas, he specializes in providing dental cleaning and examinations, digital x-rays, tooth colored fillings, crowns and bridges, partials and dentures, and immediate whitening.


As per the details mentioned by client, there were some negative listings on the internet, which said that his medical license was revoked by the state dental association. It was later proved wrong, but the news was still in the search results, and he wants to remove. On searching his name on Google, the results contained links to these negative listings and local news reports.

Our online reputation management campaign involved addressing information in three areas -

  • Information that show up on search engine results pages (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Content that will be viewed on social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter)
  • Reviews on rating sites, such as Vitals, HealthGrades, Rate MDs, Yelp, and Angie’s List.


The client contacted us for removing his personal information from the internet. Like every ORM project, we designed a strategy to help the client improve his online reputation. The client has negative listings on three keywords, which were pushed back in the search engine results within four months.

  • We developed the presence on all the major online channels
  • We monitored the conversation and motivated customers to tell their story on social platforms
  • We kept on updating online content regularly in the form of blogs, press releases and articles
  • We created multiple blogs, articles, press releases regarding the client’s professional experience, areas of expertise and hobbies & interests, and posted them on various sites.
  • We used effective, latest techniques to push the negative listings back and brought positive listings on the top results.


We worked hard to help the client get results he wanted. Our experienced team worked collaboratively to remove the listings that were affecting the clients’ reputation.

Within three months, we suppressed approximately 90% of the offensive content to below position 25 in Google, Yahoo and Bing. In the middle of four months, we pushed 100% of the offensive postings back in the search engines. Finally, we helped the business to achieve top grades/rank on multiple platforms like search engines and business directories all showing up the positive reviews and content for the client.

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