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For People in Real Estate Business, Reputation is Everything.

Quick facts –

  • 88% of people explore internet searching real estate agents to buy or sell property
  • 72% of people check for reviews of the real estate agency before finalizing a deal
  • 78% of people will ignore a real estate company for the negative reviews on the first page of Google

Online Reputation Management

At times, there are many unhappy and unsatisfied customers who post negative reviews on website like Yelp and Complaints Board that can tarnish the reputation of any business. Whether it is a legal business or a real estate agency, owners certainly go miles to ensure the trustworthiness and reliability of their businesses.

When it comes to the real estate industry, the online information has a strong influence on the initial decisions of the sellers and homebuyers that whether they should hire the realtor or not. Therefore, it pays to keep an eye on search engines and social media for damaging media coverage and defaming content. ORM plays an inevitable role in improving the brand image in the online community.


The client is a leading real estate agent based in Florida, Miami with more than a decade of experience. He owns a real estate firm that serves a huge clientele across Miami. He is also connected to many realtor associations.


On searching his name on the Google, Yahoo and other search engines, negative links were popping out on the very first page, which was quite defaming. These links contained negative reviews from a couple of disgruntled customers about the company’s services that were not true as per client.


  • Analyzed negative listings and formulated strategies to deal with them
  • Selecting high authority sites to create business profiles to overcome negative links in search results.
  • Optimized and updated business profiles to make them rank higher on Google
  • We undertook the task of posting positive blog posts to discussion forums and social networking sites to counter the negative web pages associated with his name or business.
  • Our online reputation management experts buried any association of negative reviews or blogs with his namesake and prevented anything from popping up on the pages of a Google search.
  • The objective was to increase the density of positive results pages in the search engine listings, which was achieved in the period of two months.


  • In just two months, all the negative links have been suppressed due to our postings of new positive web assets and lifting them up.
  • The negative URL lost numerous positions in the Google search results and went to the page two.
  • 39% increase in incoming queries on daily basis due to positive information
  • 79% potential customers were converted knowing that previous customers were happy with the services
  • 99% edge over the competitors in real estate business


Nowadays, nearly 90% of real estate agents use social media platforms to build up their reputation and business online. Amidst the trend, it has become the necessity for real estate agents or realtors to manage their online reputation cautiously. We, at Manage Your Internet Reputation (MYIR) ensure your business name is getting top results for the right reasons.

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