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Your Business Could be Small, But Your Reputation Needs to Stay Big

Let’s know the facts first -

  • 83% of consumers say online customer reviews influence their purchase decisions
  • A word-of-mouth recommendation is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions
  • Harvard University research on Yelp shows that a 1-star difference in reviews on Yelp may result in 5% to 9% in business gained or lost

Online Reputation Management for Small Businessperson

Online Reputation Management is all about growing the online visibility of brands, services and products. If you own a small business, then you may need to increase the web presence as well as the social media engagement rather than just your company name. Why? Because your clients, both existing and prospective ones are heading online first to discover more about you. Your online reputation has become a core part of your overall identity and you should actively work to improve it.


The client owns a small pet-sitting business in Stamford, Connecticut for almost 8 years. She has experience in working in private, doggie day camps, retail and hospital settings and 10+ years working in various administrative environments.


She found that her small pest-sitting business is lacking a proactive approach for an online presence. Her business wasn't that much popular in the region to be perceived as trustworthy, thus, missing a valuable chance to grow her client base.


Small businesses that are tied closely to the identities of founders/owners needs to be managed proactively. Therefore, in order to improve the online presence of the company, Manage Your Internet Reputation (MYIR) formulated a unified ORM strategy keeping in view that we are working for a business and not an individual

  • We ensured best practices, consistent themes and business information for the customers to identify the business at a glance
  • We communicated with people on various platforms about products and services your business offers to generate new leads
  • We engaged existing followers with e-mailers, updates and posts to foster brand identity
  • We wrote and published content, both promotional as well as informative for keywords targeting her business
  • Our efforts encouraged customers to leave positive reviews about the business
  • Planned Facebook ads targeting ideal customers by demographic, location and interest
  • Kept the client updated with monthly performance reports with insights and customer trends


Within the period of one to two months, web searches on the client's name and business (and related keywords) now yields only a wide variety of positive articles and other listings. This represented a notable improvement in her business’s online image.


Every leading brand in the market took years and millions of dollars to build their reputation. It is the most precious thing for any business or brand. However, the reputation is so fragile that it can be destroyed in a period of hours just by a negative post or public comment. Since 90% of customers say that, their buying is influenced by online reviews. Whether your business is large or small, you'd make sure about your online reputation, in reviews and social media accounts to generate revenue. Lawyers, dentist and contractors are all learning that their businesses need an online presence to have a stellar reputation. We, at, will help build a clean image of your business online and also help it grow.

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