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If you don’t control your brand online, someone else will.

Improving Reputation of Small Businesses

Word of mouth is still the most effective ways of marketing for small businesses to attract new customers. However, it has found a new platform – the internet. No matter what the size of your business is, your potential customers, existing clients and potentially everyone out there is talking about your products and services. They are sharing feedback about your latest product, leaving a comment on your blog, posting their experience on social media and much more.

Online Reputation Management for Small Business

For small businesses, brand awareness is one of the most important factors that affect growth and success of the business. The visibility of negative content on the web stimulates bad reputation of the businesses, affecting their sales, marketing goals, etc.


The client owned a dog breeding business for a particular breed. It has been listed among the top dog sellers in a state on East Coast and has customers throughout the United States of America. The company is committed to providing high quality dogs and has established a large customer base.


On searching the company’s name on search engines, there were two negative links showing on top results, which were affecting their business. These links contained negative reviews from a couple of disgruntled customers about the company’s services, which were not true as per client. Despite a number of efforts, the client couldn’t convince the review website to take down the reviews. The company wished to push these listings down in order to maintain a good reputation on the web.


In order to improve the reputation of the company, Manage Your Internet Reputation (MYIR) devised a unified ORM strategy keeping in view that we were working for a business and not an individual. This ensured not only pushing out the negative content from search results but also improving online visibility of the business. Our main focus was to push back the negative links and also improving the brand image and visibility.

  • Keyword Selection

    First of all, we had to decide which variations of client’s business name we should target along with the actual name. We used some online tools to find what variations do people generally use to find this business and also how many negative listings are appearing for that keyword. Finally, we narrowed down to two, with third being added after sometime.

  • Content based assets

    We wrote content, both promotional and well as informative about dog breeding, optimized for different keywords targeted. This content was in various formats such as article, blogs, press releases, presentations etc. As requested by the company, we created high quality content based on the company’s business, services, etc.

  • Business profiles

    We created business profiles and classifieds to provide additional information and positive search results to improve the reputation of the company.

  • Microsites

    Microsites are small static websites with 5-10 pages with each one optimized for a particular keyword. Two microsites were created with domains names that were based on targeted keywords. The microsites helped in securing additional places in search results and provided more online traffic to business.

    We then worked to promote the strongest, most important sites and business profiles so they would rank high in the search results


Starting from the very first month, the content-based assets were indexed and gradually appeared on the top results of the search engines. On the four month of the campaign, we met a goal of majority dominance of the major search engine results for the keywords identified. We worked dedicatedly to remove the negative listings, and thus improving the brand visibility. Client gave us two more keywords to work on which were also cleared of negative links.


According to a recent study, more than 60% people rely on the internet for searching businesses or services, and approximately 80% read reviews before purchasing services or products. Most of the people hesitate buying services from the companies that don’t have positive feedback. Thus, it is necessary for to have a good online reputation. We, at, will help build a clean image of your business online and also help it grow.

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