"Your reputation is in the hands of others. That's what the reputation is. You can't control that. The only thing you can control is your character."– Wayne W. Dyer

Reputation Management for Teachers and People in Education Profession

Teacher rating sites are thriving and sites like RateMyProfessors and RateMyTeachers are more commonly used by the students as well as the fellow professionals every day. Moreover, it can often add another layer of difficulty in the form of negative reputation on what is already a tough job.

Effect of Negative Listings on Reputation

If you have negative listings on the internet, then it will have a bad impact on your career. It becomes difficult for you to get/change the job, as the school you want to join will not hire you, no matter how much experience you have in the education field. If you are a teacher working somewhere, your reputation on the internet should be good. Any offensive content on the web can affect your relationships with your students, friends, relatives, etc.

Here's a case study to understand why it is imperative for teachers in profession to ensure they carry a good online reputation.


The client is a New Jersey based high school teacher. He has more than 15 years of experience in multiple grades. He is a dedicated professional who has good experience in teaching students of different ages and levels. He is aware of the fact that different students have different capabilities to understand things, and uses simple, effective methods to help them learn the most difficult lessons.


On searching the client's name on Google, the results were showing information about his disputes with a student’s parents. The parents filed a complaint, accusing that the teacher screamed at them when they went to a parent teacher meeting. The information was wrong as per the client, and it was also proved wrong later. However, the news was still coming on the top Google results, which he wanted to remove.


As per the client’s demand of removing negative postings related to fake news, we, Manage Your Internet Reputation (MYIR) created a unified ORM strategy.

Our strategy included –

  • New & latest techniques of improving the online reputation.
  • Pushing back the negative links
  • Promoting positive information on social media, blogs and press release sites
  • Understanding the reach and impact of a teacher’s online reputation
  • Evaluating the consequences of not posting or publishing responsibly
  • Creation and endorsement of pages and positive contents


On the first month of the campaign, negative listings were started surpassing in the search engine results for two keywords. One keyword that was still showing negative links was disappeared from the top results in the third month.

We successfully met the goal of majority dominance of the major search engine results for the keywords. Preparing daily & weekly reports, informing the clients about the progress, etc. were the main strategies adopted during the campaign. Web searches on the client’s name now show only many positive articles, blogs, and press releases about his study, professional experience, hobbies, and interests.

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