Protecting the privacy of VIPs

If you are a well known, prominent person there is a pressing need to protect your private information that may appear online and jeopardize your reputation. We consult with you and after a short set-up call we start the process of removing your private, personal data from the Internet. You will work with your specially assigned Reputation Manager who will be your go-to person for all your reputation management needs. He will oversee the reputation management team engaged in removing all instances of your private information from the scores of websites online.

Effective customized reputation management solutions

  • Executive Privacy solutions
    Select from two levels of Executive Privacy solutions

    As part of our Executive Privacy services we offer VIP Privacy and VIP Privacy Premium services. The premium service offers more coverage so you can select which of our services is a better fit for you based on your particular circumstances or you can ask us to help you decide.

  • Hiding your personal data
    Hiding your personal data no matter where it is online

    We conduct an in-depth search for websites online that may be collecting, repackaging and displaying your data and remove the information wherever feasible. We institute automatic opt-outs and if these don’t work we take the manual route and process the paperwork necessary to get your data removed.

  • Ongoing monitoring
    Ongoing monitoring to ensure your private information is never shared online

    A lot of people-search sites will re-add your personal data even if you have opted out. It is part of our strategy to remove your information from online data seller sites and then monitor them for any resurgence of your information. In case your information shows up again we will issue fresh removal requests. We also maintain a list of sites from which we have removed your data and search for new sites that could carry your personal information. This list is monitored, updated and maintained on a regular basis so your protection always remains current.

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