Online Reputation Management Process

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Do you know that 94% of clicked search results are organic, not the paid ones?


Why Reputation Management is So Important?


Online Reputation Management - The Definition

Managing online reputation of a brand or people is combined process of five different approaches consisting Research, Development, Content, Publishing and Distribution. Once all the approaches are met, the last three stages becomes the part of a continuous process as the search results improve. The core objective includes search result removal, suppression, protection and the review management. Let’s start discussing every aspect here in detail.

The Research Stage

The efforts starts with reputation research. At this stage, analyzing top search phrases on search engines as per your business, brand and services is required. These generally include deviations on names, business products or services as well as other phrases that users search and can be associated to your business. In doing this, it include following strategies -

  • Search Result Removal
    There are legitimate ways and solutions employed simultaneously with suppression or protection campaigns. Moreover, it also include removal tactics like YouTube video removal, NoIndex removal, removing search results from Google, and other result removal techniques.
  • Perform Gap Analysis
    The next step is to initiate a gap analysis in order to find out differences between the competitor’s results and yours. This helps to focus to websites on the list of strong domains that have a tendency to rank high in search engine results. Moreover, we are able to assess potential reputation threats and opportunities through gap analysis.
  • Planning the Plan
    Once we have the results of our gap analysis, we schedule a list to develop web properties and content that portrays your business in a positive way, resulting in driving organic traffic, user shares and those all-important inbound links. Thus, when it comes to internet reputation management, our plan plays a key role in finding ways to carve the ‘perfect’ search results page that customers as well as search engines love.
  • Influencing Socially
    At the same time, we initiate our efforts to influence people over social platforms to identify industry-specific people and trends critical to internet reputation management. These will be used later during the Promotion stage.
The Development Stage

A key approach in managing reputation management for businesses or people is identifying and building websites, submitting business listings on web directories, creating social media profiles, updating existing blogs, and optimizing other spaces & properties to establish reputation. Moreover, setting up a list of owned domains and content distribution platform helps to distribute content across all the web properties to benefit in reputation management.
We only build those that are needed, such as -

  • The main website
  • Offsite Blogs
  • Social media profiles
  • Image sharing profiles
  • Videos and presentations
The Content Creation Stage

We know that you would agree with us – one of the most tedious and time-consuming approach in reputation management is the creation of contents. However, the content is the king and needs to be taken damn seriously. Thus, after analyzing and understanding about the business, brainstorming on content ideas, overviewing its presentation, getting creative and setting up a publishing calendar becomes imperative.
Developing a wide variety of contents is crucial in every aspect, which includes –

  • Articles and blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Press releases
  • Business listings
  • Infographics & PowerPoint presentations
This remains the continuous process in online reputation management.
The Publishing Stage

Once the content is created and the continuity is set, a publishing plan is made to keep the reputation management trains running on time. This includes publishing the contents across all the content channels, publishing on owned websites and blogs to articles on third-party sites and distribution to high-authority news aggregators.
By using manual as well as automatic content publishing systems, the content can be posted as per the schedule. However, contents on trending topics can be created and published on short notice that includes –

  • Blogs & press releases
  • Posts for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • Videos and slideshows for promotion
  • Images and other special content designed and developed according to the needs
  • This stage remains the continuous process in online reputation management.
    The Distribution Stage

    After making some great content, promoting it is the key to the success of internet reputation management. It is done on different platforms like –

    • Social media channels
    • Video streaming portals
    • Business listing websites
    • Third-party publishing sites
    • Forum participation verticals
    • The distribution is done via three distinct ways -

      Paid promotion.
      If everything is done as per the books, paid promotion can give higher returns on investment. Powerful forms include guest posts on relevant, high-authority websites and blogs, sponsored content on high-authority media websites and paid search campaigns. Owned promotion.
      It’s needed to reach out to people on web properties, including blogs and personal website, using tools like mass email and SEO.

      Earned promotion. Use of social media to respond to user comments, feedback, shares and links to created content—whether by asking directly or by creating engaging content that naturally draws these forms of promotion.

      Finding an experienced and reliable online reputation management services company is not so easy, as if you are expecting a highly positive image overnight. However, the road is long but the process of online reputation management is there to mark victory at the end.

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